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Eyebolts - Forged Steel DIN580

Forged Eyebolts are used in a variety of applications - most commonly in the rigging industry - to secure a fixed eye to a structure to create an anchor point for ropes or cables. The shoulder style makes them suitable for angular as well as straight line pulls. Forged for a harder, stronger and more durable product than a machine or cast Eyebolt.  They are not load-rated and are therefore not suitable for lifting applications.See also Forged Eyenuts, Welded Eyebolts and Unwelded Eyebolts.

Product Code Size Inside (mm)
703 06 M6 20
703 08 M8 20
703 10 M10 25
703 12 M12 30
703 14 M14 35
703 16 M16 35
703 18 M18 38
703 20 M20 40
703 22 M22 47
703 24 M24 50

Finishes: self colour; zinc plated
Supplied: 10 per bag; bulk in 100's

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