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Bow Shackles - Stainless Steel (AISI 316)

Shackles are an important component in nearly all types of rigging situations where removable links are required to connect chain or wire rope to other fittings. Bow Shackles are used as a joining point where several multi-directional connections are required as opposed to Dee Shackles which are used on single leg systems where the connection is concentrated at the top of the shackle.  . 
Often used in marine and architectural fields, stainless steel being suitable for use in demanding working conditions.  Steel Bow Shackles are also available. 

Product Code Body & Pin Size (mm) Inside Length
x Width (mm)
675 04 4 16 X 14
675 05 5 19 X 15
675 06 6 28 X 18
675 08 8 30 X 24
675 10 10 38 X 30
675 12 12 42 X 35
675 14 14 56 X 44
675 16 16 65 X 48


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